why us??

Blose Properties have more than 17 years experience in the property market, enough that we can be called property experts. We strive to make the management of your property hassle free and an experience to remember. We have experienced agents to assist you with all your property management headaches. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting out a property we at Blose Properties will make the process hassle free.


If there is one thing in life one should invest in it is in your home. So make the right choice and choose Blose Properties to assist you in finding you and your loved ones your dream house. We can assist you with home finance as well so don't hesitate to contact us.  


About Us

Blose Properties Pty Ltd is a property housing company that was formed by Sipho Blose in the year 2004. Sipho went to view houses that were sold in auction. In that instance he felt the passion for selling and buying houses. From that moment he never looked back. He sold his house to get capital to start Blose Properties. Sipho worked in the property industry with a view to get exposure and experience. It’s been seventeen years since Blose was was born and celebrating our achievements, and we now have an office in the Johannesburg South. We are in a process of opening offices in other strategic places. 

Blose Properties was born at a time where mostly the property industry was in a process of transformation. Our marketing strategy was that of a low-end market penetration. We had a hope that people on the ground also needed decent affordable housing and that was our target market. When we made that decision we got stuck to it until it bears fruit. This was at a time when there was a boom in property industry. The upper and middle class were buying houses and that was a cash cow. It seemed then that everyone was cashing in - as the industry was performing very well - until the bubble busted when recession kicked in. Our ‘no-frill’ strategy worked well for Blose Properties because we believe in our product, our target market and focused on that. 


Sipho Blose

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Our core business is PROPERTY MANAGEMENT


Blose properties are experts in selling houses. We will find you a buyer for your home in record time and assist with all the paperwork etc.

property development

Blose Properties are working close with leading edge property developers to insure we can offer our clients a brand new dream home at the most affordable price. 

Property valuation

Want to buy or sell a property and want to know what it is worth? Blose properties can assist you with property valuation. It is always good to know the value of a property so that when you buy or sell you know it is market related and not above or under marker value.


Blose Properties is committed in satisfying their customers.
Our mission aims at achieving the following


Established partnerships and networks with financiers in the
industry incl. banks, insurance houses, government housing
entities, for a hassle free transaction process


Create linkages with housing tribunals, companies,
developers and others in the value chain to ensure we remain
ahead of our competitors


Ensuring that we comply with legal framework to ensure that
our business dealings are guided by corporate governance,
ethics to add value in our transaction with our customers


Create new markets through our expansion strategy as we
continuously reinvent ourselves spotting opportunities for


Meet our top class property agents and property managers