About Us

Blose Properties Pty Ltd is a property housing company that
was formed by Sipho Blose in the year 2004. Sipho went to
view houses that were sold in auction. In that instance he felt
the passion for selling and buying houses. From that moment
he never looked back. He sold his house to get capital to start
Blose Properties. Sipho worked in the property industry with a
view to get exposure and experience. It’s been seventeen
years since Blose was was born and celebrating our
achievements, and we now have an office in the
Johannesburg South. We are in a process of opening offices
in other strategic places.

Blose Properties was born at a time where mostly the property
industry was in a process of transformation. Our marketing
strategy was that of a low-end market penetration. We had a
hope that people on the ground also needed decent
affordable housing and that was our target market. When we
made that decision we got stuck to it until it bears fruit. This
was at a time when there was a boom in property industry.
The upper and middle class were buying houses and that was
a cash cow. It seemed then that everyone was cashing in - as
the industry was performing very well - until the bubble busted
when recession kicked in. Our ‘no-frill’ strategy worked well for
Blose Properties because we believe in our product, our
target market and focused on that.

At Blose Properties we pride ourselves with understanding our
client needs. We have a deep psychological understanding
because we know and share the values of our customers we
grew up in that environment. It has been our sincere hope and
wish to see our communities thrive. At a short term we have
achieved that, but at medium and long term we still have a long
way to go. This will be expounded on our objectives. Yes, there
were small other black real estate agency in the market, but felt
that they were not different from the large well established
estate agents. The logo that we adopted intends to show our
African roots. On the basis of the numbers game and our ‘no
frills’ strategy we identified our market as we saw a gap and
stuck our guns.

Blose Properties is well rooted on its market base, but now is the
time to diversify and expand our services to add new products.
We feel that we have survived the recession storm and that we
can begin to upscale and enter new horizon. Blose Properties
would not have gone from strength to strength without the
support and care of its business associates, who endeavored
and pursued to take on business irrespective of recession or
not. The Chairman will ever be grateful to this important aspect
of our business. We had made Blose Properties our home, and
together, all of us, can provide our customers easy, convenient
way of obtaining safe, secured, affordable housing. Of course
our networks and value chain and partners makes it easy to do
what WE DO BEST! We implore you to MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!



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